Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Intro: 10 things that make me happy

I love the magazine Domino. On the final page of each issue they feature a different person who lists 10 things that make them happy right now. I thought I would follow the format and kick-off a theme for the month of September only I'm going to do it with a slight twist. I'm actually going to go through about 20 things that make me happy — 10 things that make me and Shimmer Studio happy professionally and 10 things that make me happy personally. They will appear throughout September in no particular order. After the initial happy fest maybe I can post one thing a week — after all lots of things make me happy. Here's a little teaser of what I have in mind.

Two things that make me happy are (1) my sterling silver Lotus earrings by Satya and (2) purple ink pens (currently my favorites are the Pentel RSVP and they can be a little hard to find). I don't think you can have enough purple ink pens. When I find them I buy about three boxes at a time. I hope they don't discontinue these. If you go looking for these on the internet make sure you check the ink color. Sometimes the barrel color will be purple but the ink will be black or blue.

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Delicate Creature said...

Cute idea, Dana. I love the 10 Things series as well.