Tuesday, September 16, 2008

news: Alternative Holiday Card

I just finished printing my Alternative Holiday card today and here is a little preview of it!!! I am so excited with how they turned out. These cards are folded and letterpress printed onto Italian Stardream cardstock and they come with a matching envelope. The cardstock is a metallic gun metal color and the ink is silver metallic. The envelope is also a metallic paper. The design is a shimmer studio brocade pattern and they say, "happy whatever & merry everything else." I can't wait to send out a stack of black envelopes for the holidays — how about you?

I do have another holiday card option that I will be printing next week. It is also on metallic cardstock and comes with a matching metallic envelope but the paper color is light blue and it will be letterpress printed with a turquoise ink (shimmer studio's signature color). The design is a different shimmer studio brocade pattern and it will simply say, "Happy Holidays!"

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ARTmuffin said...

These look awesome Dana, great work!