Friday, September 12, 2008

two: Baggage

Today one of the things that make me happy personally are handbags or purses, but really almost any bag will do! I have to stop myself from continually purchasing new grocery shopping bags (and I think I noticed that Trader Joe's has a new one). Currently my favorite brand of handbags are Tano. The hobo bag pictured above was my very first Tano which I bought on my first trip to NYC. And yes it is in my favorite color — Turquoise! A fantastic website to purchase Tano bags from is My new fall purse is another hobo and it's purple! I need to spray it with some protective spray before I bust it out for fall. The purse below is the Tano I used all summer long. I really like how casual and a little retro it is.

Tano is my current obsession but I was previously very obsessed with 1154 Lill and I still use my Lill bags quite a bit. I am always switching around bags! I also like to make my own bags. I just purchased a new Amy Butler patter (the Birdie Sling) and even bought fabric for it but sadly I haven't had time to make it yet. Someday soon hopefully.

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