Monday, October 06, 2008

remember the 20 happy things?

I've swerved a bit off course with the new studio and some of the updates but remember the 20 things that make me happy? Well tomorrow we are going to get back to it! For today here's a little refresher.

I'm going to post 20 things that make me happy and I was inspired by a regular feature in Domino magazine. I am trying to alternate between art/business happy things and my personal happy things. I think I have only done four so far so we have a ways to go. The last one was coffee which honestly crosses both categories. A lot of my things will probably cross both categories because honestly even if I did not have a business I think I would still need a corner rounder! I am an artist so I do have a lot of art supplies and without a business I would still be drowning in art supplies. I just wanted to point out things that make things a little easier and that I use frequently during the course of my business. Plus I wanted to talk about bags, jewelry and make-up!

So follow this link for a recap of the happy things posts!

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