Friday, November 28, 2008

colored pencils are swell

I like to do color studies with colored pencils if I plan on doing a painting. For printing I like to do my color studies with markers which I will talk about in a future post. There really is not too much to say about colored pencils. I think the Prismacolor brand are very good and they are pretty good at blending. I sometimes have a difficult time sharpening them so I waste more of the pencil than I would like. For a cheaper alternative I also really like Crayolas colored pencils. I have used those for years and recently I just purchased the kind that you swivel the lead up like a mechanical pencil but those leads are much harder so I would use them for flatter (less blending) applications. But they can travel without a sharpener.


TargetStars said...

I love this picture! Is this going to be a design for a card?

printersrowpoet said...

I agree. This would make a lovely card.

cathe said...

Love Prismacolor! So soft that it makes you want to keep on coloring! Beautiful design there, Dana!