Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tina Fey is my new hero!

The new poster is in the shimmer studio etsy shop now! The unofficial title of the poster is "Tina Fey is my new hero." I had a couple requests for the design to be made into stationery so if you agree let me know! I would like to start printing more art prints and next week I should be listing some matted mandala prints. I better go and get stuff done!


marzi said...

again, i love this poster! i'd also really love them in notecards! i don't know if you're considering other colors as well, but i think that would be great!

Delicate Creature said...

very cool, dana! i also like your use of angles in this photo!

dana said...

Thank you! Yes I probably will do different colors and slight variations to the design.