Monday, July 28, 2008

a little time away

I got away from the big bad city this weekend and I met my sisters in Manistee, Michigan! It was lovely to see Lake Michigan from the other side this weekend and nice to spend a little time in the outdoors with my family. I have not had an opportunity to go to Northern Michigan for a few years now. I have really missed it. As you can see it is beautiful.

The top left photo is from the beach in a little town called Frankfurt and we did walk out all the way to the lighthouse. It was a little scary at the end and we discovered the lake water was too cold to go swimming for us! We were hit by a couple of waves on our way out and back. The water was brisk (as it usually always is)! The picture on the top right is of some Lavender in a little park in Frankfurt. It smelled divine. The middle two photos were taken in Acadia at a scenic look-out. Acadia is between Manistee and Frankfort. The bottom photo is of some rocks in Lake Michigan. I love rocks especially rock walls! I think my favorite rocks are those huge ones in Central Park NY that look like they are from some prehistoric time. And Kentucky has some great rock walls.

We all picked up some super yummy natural soaps and lotions by Creation Soap from the Frankfurt farmer's market.

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