Tuesday, August 05, 2008

oh Lolla!

pictures: TOP - Lolla entrance. MIDDLE - Radiohead, BOTTOM - Jack White of the Raconteurs and the White Stripes

Well we did it again this year... we went to Lollapalooza here in Chicago. We said we weren't going to do it this year but then Radiohead headlined the Friday of Lolla weekend. We only went to Friday and it was of course hot and humid. Every year the Lolla peeps do something slightly different and this year the changes were kinda stupid. First it took us forever to get into the show because they were putting wristbands on people at the gate instead of, like in years past, when you had to get your own wristbands before the thing starts and put it on yourself. The second thing they did is lower the main stages a little??? I could not see a single stick figure dancing around on stage! My favorite Lollapaloozas are my first one back in the day at Pine Knob (Michigan) and the first Lolla they did here in Chicago when it started back up again.

Following are some of the bands we saw at Lolla 2008. The smaller BMI stage was the best overall stage and we liked every band we saw and the sound was always spot-on, the bands were; The Parlor Mob, Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears, and Your Vegas. Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears were phenomenal!!! They are my favorite discovery this year! Rock, Soul, and Blues all in one.

On one of the main stages we saw The Black Keys who I really like but their sound was terrible this year (sound consistency and quality are a problem at Lolla). I saw them the first year at Lolla Chicago and they are an amazing live band. Too bad about the sound this year. On the same stage we also saw the Raconteurs and they were awesome and their sound was fantastic even though at some point they blew an amp (according to Jack White—I couldn't tell)!

After the Raconteurs we journeyed all the way to the other end to see Radiohead. In the middle I stopped and snapped a quick photo of Buckingham Fountain (below). This was the first time I saw Radiohead and they were amazing but the Lolla crowd was kookie. People talked through the entire show and we could hear the chatter over Radiohead until we went and stood by a speaker. They played songs from all their albums and I hope I have an opportunity to see them again with a crowd that can appreciate their music.

All in all I think I'm done with Lollapalooza for so many varied reasons. I have gone to all four of the Chicago Lollas and I think I need a break. I've had fun and it's been a good run! Next year you will see me wandering around Grant Park just outside Lolla soaking in some free sounds.

I leave you with this question... Who talks during a Radiohead show?

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i leave you with this answer: dummies! ;)