Wednesday, November 05, 2008

happy thing :: the Wacom Tablet

Slowly but surely I'll manage to finish my list of twenty things that make me happy. I hope it does not take until 2009.

My Wacom tablet makes my life easier while working on the computer. It saves my wrist from a future of carpal tunnel plus it makes it easier to draw. There is a learning curve but if you get one I encourage you to take a deep breath and jump in!

That is a picture of my current Wacom which only retails for about $99 and comes with a mouse. This is the basic model and I purchased it because cost was an issue. It works great for me and it is small enough that I can slide it into my laptop bag or take it with me to an on-site freelance gig. Eventually I would like a higher priced model but honestly this one works great and I love it. Here's a link to my process post where I mention my Wacom.

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